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Lost and Found

This website is dedicated to my family roots.  I have a wonderful family and have thoroughly enjoyed adding branches to the family tree through genealogy research.  I now have regular communications with a number of distant cousins around the world.
In all the research I have run across many pictures which we are not able to identify some of the people.  So I thought I would load the pictures myself, and hope to have other sites link to this page.  It does take a little time for the pictures to download.  So please hang around and enjoy! If you have any comments, questions or can identify anyone please email us at connecting cousins link


Other family tree Archives

Page 1 - Hedger Archives

The Halfpap Archives consists of not only Halfpap's but Degitz and Biesecker too.

Page 1 - Halfpap Archives
Page 2 - Halfpap Kids 
Page 3 - Reunion Etc.

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We have our family tree up on the web. 
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