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Most of the unidentified pictures on this site came from one place. We have an old wooden box of pictures from the Halfpap/ Biesecker/ Degitz side of the family.

A dad and kids
Old wedding

I have a number of pictures of these two people.  Unfortunately I do not know who
they are. Help!

Old wedding close up

This is a close-up of two people out of the picture on the right.  I think they are the same couple in the picture above. I had just started restoring this picture, but decided to get other pictures up and go back to this one later.

close up of couple

Old faded group
At this point I have no idea if this couple are even related or just friends!

couple and child

Fine Gentleman

This is such a handsome man (something about him reminds me of my husband).  I believe he is the patriarch in the group picture below.

UPDATE!! Yes, this is Valentine Degitz, he is the man in the picture below, the patriarch of the Degitz family 10/2013

Unfortunately the group picture was very blurred.  It took a lot of work just to get it to the point you can see below.  To me, I think I can see some people who are also in a group picture of the Degitz family reunion in 1939.

Degitz Males

This older couple has facial features we see in a number of other family members. Are they the original immigrants?

older couple up close

older couple
Bieseckers and who

You can see the family resembalance here to the picture above. We do know that the man is Raymond Biesecker the child his daughter Serita and to her right in the back her mother Matilda Degitz Biesecker.

Raymond Biesecker on the left, we believe Frank Olive Degitz is the one looking down.


Ray Biesecker and unknown men
Mr and Mrs Who?
Mr and Mrs who times 2?

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