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Touching boy

This picture tugs at my heart-strings.  But yet, we still do not know who he is.

YES WE DO!!! Thanks to the photo posted by Charles Hermann on we now know this is Willis Herrmann, son of John and Alice (Degitz) Herrmann.


baby in carriage

boy on a number of pictures

Willis Herrmann, son of John and Alice (Degitz) Herrmann.

boy with girl
kids in the park
kids in wagon


Per Biesecker cousin Dwayne Burton:
"The young man . . . looks like my grandfather Glen William Biesecker. He was born in 1906 and was raised near Abilene, KS, but he made frequent trips to Kansas City (even as he grew older) to visit a "cousin." I am guessing that the cousin was Ralph Biesecker."
But "upon comparison to other photographs, I am certain that the unidentified youth in your website photo is NOT my grandfather (but the person in that photo sure has the "Biesecker look")."


Glen Biesecker
two girls on a donkey
two girls in hats

young lady

Young man in suit

Wilbur Degitz

group of teens

The couple on the right are
John& Alice (Degitz) Herrmann

little waist

This girl is in a number of pictures including the one to the left, and below

SUCCESS! Again thanks to Charles Hermann this is Alice Degitz Herrmann.

3 guys playing guitars

Matilda D and who

Matilda Degitz Biesecker in the middle above with Alice Degitz Herrmann.

kids on a bench

The picture above was taken at the same time as the one above it.
It is the children of Alice Degitz Herrmann!

3 kids
baby in Illinios buggy
Xmas baby

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